The Family

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Michael & Alexandra Marston
When Michael and Alexandra Marston first became involved with the (then) Menasco Ranch in 1969, it was not long after their marriage. Over the years they have energetically maintained and enhanced the property, lending their deep understanding and love of the vineyard to echo in its wines. Michael and Alexandra are true stewards of the land having donated over 200 acres to conservation and “forever wild”.



Elizabeth Marston
Elizabeth co-owns and manages the winery operations, and revels in the opportunity to share the family story. Her fondest memories date back to harvests as a young girl in the former horse barn, which also served as the rustic winery in the early days. Elizabeth is also the co-founder of NG: The Next Generation in Wine, and the former Vice-President of the Spring Mountain Appellation.

Elizabeth spent several years in London and New York City studying Classics and began her professional career in book publishing. Given her background, Elizabeth truly believes that literature and wine are two of life’s greatest pleasures. She is delighted to continue to foster her passion for cultural heritage and archaeology with her postgraduate and musuem heritage work in the United Kingdom.

James Leahy

James is involved on all winery matters, but prefers to be in the vineyard studying various vineyard practices and working with our team in the cellar. He is carrying on the tradition of our commitment to the Spring Mountain Appellation, and is currently president of our AVA.



John & Tanya Marston
John grew up spending his summers at the vineyard, and at an early age realized his passion for wine. John is a practicing attorney in San Francisco, but is always quick to lend his legal expertise and vast knowledge of wine. Tanya and John were married on a beautiful June day at the family vineyard in 2007. Tanya is passionate about wine and attended the U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management program, where she was the Co-President of the Wine Business Consulting Group. John and Tanya recently welcomed the next generation of the family into the world. Kathryn Grace was born in January 2014 and loves teaching her younger brother, Jackson James (born 2017), the essentials for vineyard life.


Tucker by barrels birdcage 2011 resized

Tucker is proud to be the inaugural (and still official) winery dog of Marston Family Vineyard. In 2017, Tucker welcomed his son, Fitzwilliam, to join him on vineyard patrols and fox management, and their favorite past times continue to include sprinting down vineyard rows to chase the wild turkeys and sneaking the occasional grape cluster for harvest quality control.

Tucker made his official debut in the third edition of Winery Dogs of Napa Valley!