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Clark Gable and Kay Spreckels, 195

Clark Gable and his bride, Kay Spreckels, spent their honeymoon on the ranch in 1955

The earliest recorded information available to us explains that a Mr. Smith purchased our property in 1895. By the late 1890’s, a section of the rocky hillside was planted to grapes by the Kramm family. Access to the vineyard was by horseback on the Old Wells Fargo Road to Santa Rosa. In the 1930’s, down in the canyon, overlooking the North fork of Sulphur Creek, there lived a silent movie star with a squeaky voice who built a little log cabin filled with twig and bark furniture that he had made for his refuge. This gentleman had played macho roles in silent movies, only to be relegated to “has been” status when “talkies” made their appearance in America. He spent the rest of his days here, living as a hermit.

After World War II, Al Menasco, an inventor, barnstorming  pilot, and aviation pioneer, bought the property.

Al’s best friend, Clark Gable, visited frequently. There are stories of the two carousing on the property with gun shots into the evening. When Clark married Kay Spreckels, Al Menasco was best man and the newlyweds spent their honeymoon on the property. Al’s flying adventures are well documented and his aeronautical memorabilia are now in the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.

Al had a sincere interest in wine as well and became a pioneer in developing new vineyard practices. He experimented with different types of vineyard spacing and planted a dozen varieties of grapes in different soil types and micro climates on the property. He kept meticulous records to discover the optimum growing conditions for these varietals.

John and Elizabeth Marston, 1981

John and Elizabeth Marston, circa 1982

Michael and Alexandra Marston were part of a consortium that bought this property in 1969, with many of the original vineyards from the turn of the century still in production. Michael and Alexandra ultimately bought the total property in 1976 and have energetically maintained and enhanced the property since then.

Over the last four decades, Marston Family Vineyard has produced numerous award winning wines: Andre Tchelistcheff helped craft small quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, and Zinfandel in the early 1980’s, followed by Sean Thackery producing legendary Petite Sirahs from the Marston Vineyard under his Sirius label through the early 1990’s including winning “Best Red Wine in the World” with the 1992 vintage.
For the past two decades we have worked closely with Beringer and the majority of the Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyard is included in their award winning Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet.
With a strong desire to always produce wine under our own label, 1998 marked the beginning of the most recent era for Marston Family Vineyard. Our first release debuted with a young Philippe Melka at the helm to craft exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon from a few of our favorite blocks throughout the vineyard. Each vintage continues to remain “forever limited” at roughly five hundred cases, and we are optimistic that our dear friend Al Menasco would be proud!